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Re: Potty Mouth Parrot [help!]

Posted by Tammy on 11/14/06
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    They could try to change it to a similar sounding word like
    TRUCK! Anytime he says it simply repeat the new word and
    sometimes it works!


    On 11/14/06, Peggy wrote:
    > My son and daughter in law got a mitred conure this past
    > summer who has a colorful past. they actually took him in
    > as a rescue when his owner committed suicide. They do not
    > want to rehome, but Lonnie's potty mouth vocabulary is
    > beginning to be a real concern. My grand children, their
    > neices and nephews have picked up on it when they visit,
    > and my son and daughter in law are concerned about when
    > they have their own children.
    > It's crystal clear and he throws it into just about
    > everything he says.[the F word] Even as he learns new
    > words, he throws that right in there.
    > Any suggestions?
    > Signed
    > At A Loss For Words in PA.