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Re: HELP!!!!!!!! My conure hates men!

Posted by Debbie on 11/22/06
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    I know what you are talking about because my male Green
    Cheek (3 years old)doesnt like my husband or our oldest son
    or really too many other people either and I hand raised
    I also have an YN amazon that I adopted that doesnt care for
    females for some reason I will never know but she does like
    men. I have had her for 3 years and she is a lot better and
    doesnt even try to bite me like she did but I dont handle
    her as much (not to be mean I still give her lots of
    attention like the other birds here but she just didnt know
    how to control herself if that makes sense.....the more I
    handled her the more I would get the bloody bites to the
    bone but this last year has been so much better and she
    seems more content this way too plus I do love no more bites
    I can say for a fact but I still watch her :0)
    but once they do pick a man or woman I dont know if they do
    change to like the other gender. I hope other will post on
    this as well but for now I am kinda in the same boat as you
    are so dont feel alone. I do have other birds here in the
    house and outside too so its not a big deal here but it
    would be hard if that is your only bird I'm sure.
    Its just not fair to your husband I know...maybe they are
    jealous of us because we are their mates. I did buy my male
    a female this year but he doesnt even like my husband going
    around her either....its just never boring here I can say!!
    HA HA

    I didnt ask if your birds wings are clipped or not but all
    of my birds here are for me to have a little more control
    and to keep them from going on to another birds cage where
    trouble might start PLUS the guys can out run them if ever
    need be :0)
    Knock on wood things are good and that hasnt happened.
    Hope this helps a little but maybe other will give some
    better ideas that will help both of us too.
    Good luck

    On 11/22/06, Misty wrote:
    > I have had my beautiful Green Cheecked Conure for a little
    > over a year now. In the entire time that we have had her
    > she has refused to let my husband, son, or any other male
    > near her. The pet store we got her from had the same
    > problem. How can I get my "Baby" to let men near her?