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Re: HELP!!!!!!!! My conure hates men!

Posted by Debbie on 11/23/06
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    Myself I think sometimes that rasing "some" birds they might
    tend to just like women or men like because of who raised them
    or maybe sometimes birds have been abused and some birds might
    not ever forget it being a man or woman if that makes sense too.
    Some birds just dont like people with glasses.
    Try to get a special treat, maybe popcorn (my birds love plain
    popcorn)or a piece of cereal (mine love Cherrios and most others
    too)and have him be the only one to feed it that special treat
    to the bird to let it know that he wants to be friends. Have him
    do it with you in the room talking to the bird saying its ok or
    maybe with you in the next room where the bird cant see you.
    Birds can brats at times.... we just have to out think em in
    different ways like kids :0)
    Let me/us know how its going if ya can.

    On 11/23/06, Misty wrote:
    > Baby does have her wings clipped. But nothing seems to help. I
    > have no idea where her behavior came from. I do know that she
    > has disliked men since before we got her. (Not really sure of
    > the sex, so we call her a she) She would attack the male staff
    > at the pet store, or any men that came to look at purchasing
    > her. She will let females near her, but if a male gets near
    > her, me, or my daughters, she goes nuts. I'm wondering if this
    > is normal behavior or if maybe it's a sign that she's been
    > traumatized by a man before. Also if there is a way to help
    > stop the behavior.
    > On 11/22/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> I know what you are talking about because my male Green
    >> Cheek (3 years old)doesnt like my husband or our oldest son
    >> or really too many other people either and I hand raised
    >> mine.
    >> I also have an YN amazon that I adopted that doesnt care for
    >> females for some reason I will never know but she does like
    >> men. I have had her for 3 years and she is a lot better and
    >> doesnt even try to bite me like she did but I dont handle
    >> her as much (not to be mean I still give her lots of
    >> attention like the other birds here but she just didnt know
    >> how to control herself if that makes sense.....the more I
    >> handled her the more I would get the bloody bites to the
    >> bone but this last year has been so much better and she
    >> seems more content this way too plus I do love no more bites
    >> I can say for a fact but I still watch her :0)
    >> but once they do pick a man or woman I dont know if they do
    >> change to like the other gender. I hope other will post on
    >> this as well but for now I am kinda in the same boat as you
    >> are so dont feel alone. I do have other birds here in the
    >> house and outside too so its not a big deal here but it
    >> would be hard if that is your only bird I'm sure.
    >> Its just not fair to your husband I know...maybe they are
    >> jealous of us because we are their mates. I did buy my male
    >> a female this year but he doesnt even like my husband going
    >> around her either....its just never boring here I can say!!
    >> HA HA
    >> I didnt ask if your birds wings are clipped or not but all
    >> of my birds here are for me to have a little more control
    >> and to keep them from going on to another birds cage where
    >> trouble might start PLUS the guys can out run them if ever
    >> need be :0)
    >> Knock on wood things are good and that hasnt happened.
    >> Hope this helps a little but maybe other will give some
    >> better ideas that will help both of us too.
    >> Good luck
    >> Debbie
    >> On 11/22/06, Misty wrote:
    >>> I have had my beautiful Green Cheecked Conure for a little
    >>> over a year now. In the entire time that we have had her
    >>> she has refused to let my husband, son, or any other male
    >>> near her. The pet store we got her from had the same
    >>> problem. How can I get my "Baby" to let men near her?