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Re: My Male Sun flys and bites my feet, terrible two's??

Posted by Toby's Mom on 12/09/06
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    Well the reason I didn't post is because I was afraid to give
    her some bad news! Our 24-year-old mitred conure will go after
    toes if he gets on the floor. He's been like that his whole
    life. We have just learned to be aware of this quirk. Don't
    get too close bare footed! But, to be honest, he rarely leaves
    his cage, so its not a big problem. I agree that clipping the
    birds wings may discourage it from flying to the floor.

    Also, I use to have an amazon that was also infatuated with

    On 12/07/06, Debbie wrote:
    > Sorry nobody has posted and I have been watching because I'm
    > not really sure of what to say unless maybe he thinks your
    > toes are his to have and hold! HA
    > My green cheeks arent like that but I do have a Congo that I
    > adopted in May that goes after MENS toes but not mine. Is
    > there a way you can clip its wings (just a little) to maybe
    > slow it down till it gets over this time if it is just its
    > hormones? Thats a good age for them to kick in and some
    > birds do weird stuff during that time too. I hope someone
    > else helps so maybe we can both learn something new.
    > Debbie
    > On 12/04/06, lon wrote:
    >> My male Sun Conure has just started flying down to my feet
    >> and biting them. He is two and he and his sister have
    >> their own cages. Nothing new has happened recently. I'm
    >> hoping it's hormones or age (terrible 2's).
    >> Not sure what to do, aside from wearing slippers and
    >> hoping he gets over it.
    >> He's obsessed and flaps while looking down at my feet.. he
    >> then flys to them and bites them when I move.
    >> I can sit with him on my feet and he won't bite them - as
    >> long as i don't move.
    >> Otherwise he is the perfect little man - steps up, he's
    >> pottie trained - flys on command, lays on his back. All
    >> the good stuff...
    >> any ideas? anyone seen this behavior before??
    >> thanks.