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Re: My Male Sun flys and bites my feet, terrible two's??

Posted by Jo-Ann on 12/11/06
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    Maybe those little toes look soooo tempting to eat! Just think
    like a bird- five little critters looking so yummy!

    Debbie - just out of curiosity, how could you tell when a turtle
    is happy? :0)


    On 12/09/06, Debbie wrote:
    > Its hard but some people dont want to clip the birds wings but
    > it does help control them sometimes. I have 9 out of 11 birds
    > here in the house and all wings are clipped but the pair of
    > canaries to keep them from bugging another bird to start a fight
    > or going where they dont belong (maybe after toes) but the
    > biggest reason is I see so many birds that have got out in that
    > split second and I think it would kill me to loose one of my
    > birds not knowing if they were ok. One of my water turtles got
    > loose last spring (during breeding season)and I was just lost
    > with out seeing and talking to her in the back yard everyday.
    > Thankfully a neighbor boy found her in a ditch with knee high
    > water and brought her home 6 weeks later. She could have easily
    > went down that ditch but she stuck around which amazed us all
    > around here....she knows she gets fed very good here she just
    > didnt know how to find her way back to the right house. HA HA
    > She and I both were REAL happy to see one another :0)
    > But other than that I didnt know what to tell this bird owner
    > and didnt want them to think nobody cared on here either.
    > Take care
    > Debbie
    > On 12/09/06, Toby's Mom wrote:
    >> Well the reason I didn't post is because I was afraid to give
    >> her some bad news! Our 24-year-old mitred conure will go after
    >> toes if he gets on the floor. He's been like that his whole
    >> life. We have just learned to be aware of this quirk. Don't
    >> get too close bare footed! But, to be honest, he rarely leaves
    >> his cage, so its not a big problem. I agree that clipping the
    >> birds wings may discourage it from flying to the floor.
    >> Also, I use to have an amazon that was also infatuated with
    >> toes.
    >> On 12/07/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>> Sorry nobody has posted and I have been watching because I'm
    >>> not really sure of what to say unless maybe he thinks your
    >>> toes are his to have and hold! HA
    >>> My green cheeks arent like that but I do have a Congo that I
    >>> adopted in May that goes after MENS toes but not mine. Is
    >>> there a way you can clip its wings (just a little) to maybe
    >>> slow it down till it gets over this time if it is just its
    >>> hormones? Thats a good age for them to kick in and some
    >>> birds do weird stuff during that time too. I hope someone
    >>> else helps so maybe we can both learn something new.
    >>> Debbie
    >>> On 12/04/06, lon wrote:
    >>>> My male Sun Conure has just started flying down to my feet
    >>>> and biting them. He is two and he and his sister have
    >>>> their own cages. Nothing new has happened recently. I'm
    >>>> hoping it's hormones or age (terrible 2's).
    >>>> Not sure what to do, aside from wearing slippers and
    >>>> hoping he gets over it.
    >>>> He's obsessed and flaps while looking down at my feet.. he
    >>>> then flys to them and bites them when I move.
    >>>> I can sit with him on my feet and he won't bite them - as
    >>>> long as i don't move.
    >>>> Otherwise he is the perfect little man - steps up, he's
    >>>> pottie trained - flys on command, lays on his back. All
    >>>> the good stuff...
    >>>> any ideas? anyone seen this behavior before??
    >>>> thanks.