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Re: My Male Sun flys and bites my feet, terrible two's??

Posted by Debbie on 12/19/06
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    I have had guinea pigs loose in the back yard that would come up to the door for
    a carrot. When I was little we had a pony in the back yard that would see us
    inside playing and she would come up the steps to the sliding glass patio door
    and kick it really easy thinking she could come in or we could go out. I am 47
    and have always had animals and never been without a dog (now I have 5)2 are
    poodles that I call my girls cause our sons are grown now.
    I know people are so busy these days with the way things are but what joy an
    animal can give.
    My turtle... we didnt think she could no way fit under the gate but they find
    ways to squeeze through during breeding season as they have one thing on their
    I see so many lost birds and its really sad because our pet birds are used to
    being served food not having to search for food and water too. Once they get out
    most dont know how to fly down or back so there they go. I try to tell people
    how important it is to have their wings clipped and I do it for the birds I sell
    unless they are breeders but there are some people that do like them to have
    wings too so to each their own I guess.
    Turtle wax works great :0) I bet I have the shinniest (sp?) in town....HA
    Take care,

    On 12/18/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    > It's interesting - the more I talk to people about their pets, the more
    > apparent my misconceptions become! My family always had at least one dog
    > until I was 27 and had the last one put down - kidney failure. I've been
    > petless since then - more then 15 years until we got our tiel last Jan. It's
    > amazing how 3oz of fluff bores its way into your heart. And, I'm finding out
    > people feel that way about their rats, hamsters, guinnea pigs, turtles,
    > ferrets etc.......
    > As far as the fence goes - why do we wait until "something" happens before we
    > do something to prevent it? I guess human nature. My mother didn't want to
    > clip our keets wings when I was a kid - OOPS! out the door it went! She said
    > she couldn't bring herself to do it - even when HER mother had keets and
    > clippd their wings - that was back in the 50's.
    > Hope the shine comes through on with the turtle wax!
    > Have a great holiday!!
    > Jo-Ann
    > On 12/17/06, Debbie wrote:
    >> The joys that most critters bring us are just never ending :0)
    >> That is so cute to hear.
    >> My husband laughs at me still because once I told him I needed to wax my
    >> turtles...he then asks what do you wax a turtle with and I said turtle wax.
    >> He thought I was being a smart allic cause I can be :0) but there is really
    >> a wax for turtles thats good for their shells and legs too. Its more of a
    >> moisture cream than a wax.
    >> They are pretty mellow pets usually but during breeding season they might
    >> try to get loose to look for others I learned this past spring.
    >> Its sad and it happened to not only me but I met others from our local
    >> newspaper who had turtles get loose during that time as well. But it was
    >> cool as we all tried to help each other and call if it wasnt our turtle that
    >> someone got a call for when someone found one. I was so lucky to have found
    >> mine but it was 6 long weeks later. NOW our fence has wire on the bottom of
    >> all of the gates to make sure it doesnt happen again. Learned from that and
    >> dont want to have to go through that again.
    >> I could tell many pet stories and should someday write a book...HA
    >> Take care,
    >> Debbie
    >> On 12/16/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>> Hi Debbie, I met a woman tonight who also has turtles and she lets it run
    >>> (LOL) aroung the house at night! She said she wipes him off and puts him
    >>> on the floor and off he goes. He always goes to her feet and looks up at
    >>> her as if to say - "hey Ma! I'm here, pick me up!!"
    >>> Well, thanks for educating me on turtle behavior, I will add them to
    >>> my "one day when....." list.
    >>> Jo-Ann
    >>> On 12/15/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>> See ....thats exactly why I love to show my animals to people and show
    >>>> them how they "can" be especially to people who dont have birds or
    >>>> turtles. One friend said she thought turtles were the dumbest things in
    >>>> the world and why would anybody have them for pets. I told her things
    >>>> about mine and what I have heard from others turtles owners and she was
    >>>> amazed. They do have personality but its like birds too you get some
    >>>> that are special and some that are just here :0)Sad but true
    >>>> My poor turtles were laying out on a rock yesterday and really dont know
    >>>> what to do as far as hibernating just yet because of the weather out
    >>>> here in Ca. It was really cold then its warm it was 81 here the other
    >>>> day and now its gonna get cold again. Guess they will just take it like
    >>>> everybody else... as it comes.
    >>>> Debbie
    >>>> On 12/15/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>>>> I wouldn't have thought a turlte could be so affectionate! Then
    >>>>> again, before I got by birdie I didn't think they were either.
    >>>>> On 12/11/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>>>> She smiles :0)
    >>>>>> Just kidding, its just the way she seems to be to me plus she comes
    >>>>>> up as if to greet you.
    >>>>>> Debbie
    >>>>>> On 12/11/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>>>>>> Maybe those little toes look soooo tempting to eat! Just think
    >>>>>>> like a bird- five little critters looking so yummy!
    >>>>>>> Debbie - just out of curiosity, how could you tell when a turtle
    >>>>>>> is happy? :0)
    >>>>>>> Jo-Ann
    >>>>>>> On 12/09/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Its hard but some people dont want to clip the birds wings but
    >>>>>>>> it does help control them sometimes. I have 9 out of 11 birds
    >>>>>>>> here in the house and all wings are clipped but the pair of
    >>>>>>>> canaries to keep them from bugging another bird to start a fight
    >>>>>>>> or going where they dont belong (maybe after toes) but the
    >>>>>>>> biggest reason is I see so many birds that have got out in that
    >>>>>>>> split second and I think it would kill me to loose one of my
    >>>>>>>> birds not knowing if they were ok. One of my water turtles got
    >>>>>>>> loose last spring (during breeding season)and I was just lost
    >>>>>>>> with out seeing and talking to her in the back yard everyday.
    >>>>>>>> Thankfully a neighbor boy found her in a ditch with knee high
    >>>>>>>> water and brought her home 6 weeks later. She could have easily
    >>>>>>>> went down that ditch but she stuck around which amazed us all
    >>>>>>>> around here....she knows she gets fed very good here she just
    >>>>>>>> didnt know how to find her way back to the right house. HA HA
    >>>>>>>> She and I both were REAL happy to see one another :0)
    >>>>>>>> But other than that I didnt know what to tell this bird owner
    >>>>>>>> and didnt want them to think nobody cared on here either.
    >>>>>>>> Take care
    >>>>>>>> Debbie
    >>>>>>>> On 12/09/06, Toby's Mom wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> Well the reason I didn't post is because I was afraid to give
    >>>>>>>>> her some bad news! Our 24-year-old mitred conure will go after
    >>>>>>>>> toes if he gets on the floor. He's been like that his whole
    >>>>>>>>> life. We have just learned to be aware of this quirk. Don't
    >>>>>>>>> get too close bare footed! But, to be honest, he rarely leaves
    >>>>>>>>> his cage, so its not a big problem. I agree that clipping the
    >>>>>>>>> birds wings may discourage it from flying to the floor.
    >>>>>>>>> Also, I use to have an amazon that was also infatuated with
    >>>>>>>>> toes.
    >>>>>>>>> On 12/07/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> Sorry nobody has posted and I have been watching because I'm
    >>>>>>>>>> not really sure of what to say unless maybe he thinks your
    >>>>>>>>>> toes are his to have and hold! HA
    >>>>>>>>>> My green cheeks arent like that but I do have a Congo that I
    >>>>>>>>>> adopted in May that goes after MENS toes but not mine. Is
    >>>>>>>>>> there a way you can clip its wings (just a little) to maybe
    >>>>>>>>>> slow it down till it gets over this time if it is just its
    >>>>>>>>>> hormones? Thats a good age for them to kick in and some
    >>>>>>>>>> birds do weird stuff during that time too. I hope someone
    >>>>>>>>>> else helps so maybe we can both learn something new.
    >>>>>>>>>> Debbie
    >>>>>>>>>> On 12/04/06, lon wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>>> My male Sun Conure has just started flying down to my feet
    >>>>>>>>>>> and biting them. He is two and he and his sister have
    >>>>>>>>>>> their own cages. Nothing new has happened recently. I'm
    >>>>>>>>>>> hoping it's hormones or age (terrible 2's).
    >>>>>>>>>>> Not sure what to do, aside from wearing slippers and
    >>>>>>>>>>> hoping he gets over it.
    >>>>>>>>>>> He's obsessed and flaps while looking down at my feet.. he
    >>>>>>>>>>> then flys to them and bites them when I move.
    >>>>>>>>>>> I can sit with him on my feet and he won't bite them - as
    >>>>>>>>>>> long as i don't move.
    >>>>>>>>>>> Otherwise he is the perfect little man - steps up, he's
    >>>>>>>>>>> pottie trained - flys on command, lays on his back. All
    >>>>>>>>>>> the good stuff...
    >>>>>>>>>>> any ideas? anyone seen this behavior before??
    >>>>>>>>>>> thanks.