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Re: Pairing Sun Coures

Posted by Mercedez on 1/31/07
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    On 12/04/06, Misty wrote:
    > I have a male sun that lost his mate about 6 maybe 7 months
    > ago and since then I have been looking for him a
    > female.Well, I found a female this weekend and was
    > how long should I keep them in separate cages before I put
    > them together.I was told by a friend that I couldn't,ever,
    > but I find that hard to believe.I was also told that I had
    > to get a new cage to put both in so either one would not be
    > territorial,that I can do.Any suggestions out there would
    > welcome!!

    Hello. Im soryr I hadnt seen this sooner. Hope your still
    around to see this.

    The quaratine time is 60-90 days. So your birds should be
    seperated in totally different rooms for that long. PLUS a
    vet chech is inorder before the birds can meet.

    Then you can put th ecages side by side about 1ft away. Keep
    it like that for several months. And as you have their cage
    slike that. Have them out together and monitor behavior.
    They should be a foot apart so the other has its own
    territory to be on, just incase any aggression happens.