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Re: Molting

Posted by LM on 1/24/07
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    On 12/13/06, Deby wrote:
    > Amanda, birds will molt at different times, and from what you
    > described, sounds like hes getting all his news ones coming
    > in. To keep him comfy, give him extra baths. This will help
    > sooth his skin, and make him more comfy during this time. Its
    > perfectly normal what you described.
    > PS. Cockatiels do just don't notice it as much I
    > imagine. My conure molts like you described. I also will hold
    > him and if the pin feathers are out far enough, I help him by
    > taking the feather lighty inbetween my fingers and going back
    > and forth to help get the sheath off. They do get a bit testy
    > at this time. Just try the extra bathing, and help him with
    > his pin feathers!
    > Good luck
    > Debby
    >> Ok my one GCC Jammer he is 6 months, and he has been a
    >> little touchy lately, and I mean when we first got him he
    >> would let me touch rub anything on him, but I think he is
    >> molting, he is picking at his tail and breast and tonight
    >> I saw near his tail feathers pin feathers, and I looked on
    >> his breast underneath his feathers he has been picking at
    >> and pin feathers are coming in under the gray feathers, he
    >> is just very touchy he lets me pet him in all I just want
    >> to make sure, plus Boomer has molted yet he is older by a
    >> lot, Boomer was born July 3, and Jammer was born July 26,
    >> do you think he already molted, see this is my first time
    >> having conures, I am use to cockatiels and they don't
    >> molt! Help Please
    >> Amanda "Jammer & Boomer"