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Re: Molting

Posted by Deby on 12/13/06
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    Amanda, birds will molt at different times, and from what you
    described, sounds like hes getting all his news ones coming
    in. To keep him comfy, give him extra baths. This will help
    sooth his skin, and make him more comfy during this time. Its
    perfectly normal what you described.

    PS. Cockatiels do just don't notice it as much I
    imagine. My conure molts like you described. I also will hold
    him and if the pin feathers are out far enough, I help him by
    taking the feather lighty inbetween my fingers and going back
    and forth to help get the sheath off. They do get a bit testy
    at this time. Just try the extra bathing, and help him with
    his pin feathers!

    Good luck

    > Ok my one GCC Jammer he is 6 months, and he has been a
    > little touchy lately, and I mean when we first got him he
    > would let me touch rub anything on him, but I think he is
    > molting, he is picking at his tail and breast and tonight
    > I saw near his tail feathers pin feathers, and I looked on
    > his breast underneath his feathers he has been picking at
    > and pin feathers are coming in under the gray feathers, he
    > is just very touchy he lets me pet him in all I just want
    > to make sure, plus Boomer has molted yet he is older by a
    > lot, Boomer was born July 3, and Jammer was born July 26,
    > do you think he already molted, see this is my first time
    > having conures, I am use to cockatiels and they don't
    > molt! Help Please
    > Amanda "Jammer & Boomer"