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Re: my bird fell and he's limping...HELP!

Posted by Connie on 1/30/07
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    On 1/27/07, Regina wrote:
    > On 1/27/07, Birdmom wrote:
    >> On 1/13/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >>> On 12/26/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >>>> On 12/26/06, Curly wrote:
    >>>>> On 12/26/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >>>>>> my jenday conure was climbing on a ladder and it fell on
    >>>>>> his leg. he's limping and he wont put weight on his
    >>>>>> foot...but he will hold food with it. the foot that is
    >>>>>> hurt has a band on it and its his left foot. PLEASE
    >>>>> If it was broke he wouldn't be useing it to eat with. Its
    >>>>> probably just sore as heck. Just keep an eye on it and he
    >>>>> should be useing it in a day or so. Don't despair he will be
    >>>>> fine.
    >>>> i forgot to mention that this happened on the evening of the
    >>>> twenty third and he STILL is favoring the other foot. im
    >>>> really upset and my dad keeps saying to wait and wait but im
    >>>> really starting to freak out...
    >>> After that being said, the band may be too tight or hurting his
    >>> foot! HAVE IT TAKEN OFF EMMEDIATLY! And better yet, go to the
    >>> Avian vets ASAP unless you want a conure with only one leg which
    >>> will happen if no circulation is in his none usable foot (which
    >>> may be a reason for why he is limping)
    >> Yes! You need to take him to the vet! ASAP!
    > geez........ya think your response is alittle late birdmum?

    Hi.. I'm Connie and I have a Jenday too. I was just wondering how
    yours is doing with his/her leg. Sure hope it's better now.