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Re: my bird fell and he's limping...HELP!

Posted by Tammy on 12/30/06
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    Was this an avian vet? Did they do xrays, he could have
    something pinched inside his leg, it is so hard to guess, and
    like stated none of us are vets. I know 2 of our macaws had a
    battle and one bit the others ankle and foot, vet trip and
    liquid stitches on the bottom, but her whole foot and ankle
    stayed a littel red and swollen while she was on the meds until
    they worked.


    On 12/30/06, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 12/26/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >> my jenday conure was climbing on a ladder and it fell on
    >> his leg. he's limping and he wont put weight on his
    >> foot...but he will hold food with it. the foot that is
    >> hurt has a band on it and its his left foot. PLEASE help
    > ok i took him to the vet they said that it doesent have a
    > fracture nothings broken, and they gave me pain medecine.
    > But now my conure is sitting at the bottom of the cage and
    > fluffing up on the bottom of the cage. so i decided not to
    > give him the medecine today. his foot is turning red and it
    > gets even more red when i put him back in his i
    > have to hold him all the time on his back or his foot gets
    > red...HELP!