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Re: my bird fell and he's limping...HELP!

Posted by mac on 12/30/06
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    On 12/30/06, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 12/26/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >> my jenday conure was climbing on a ladder and it fell on
    >> his leg. he's limping and he wont put weight on his
    >> foot...but he will hold food with it. the foot that is
    >> hurt has a band on it and its his left foot. PLEASE help
    > ok i took him to the vet they said that it doesent have a
    > fracture nothings broken, and they gave me pain medecine.
    > But now my conure is sitting at the bottom of the cage and
    > fluffing up on the bottom of the cage. so i decided not to
    > give him the medecine today. his foot is turning red and it
    > gets even more red when i put him back in his i
    > have to hold him all the time on his back or his foot gets
    > red...HELP!

    Ok Rebecca. Post the name of the pain medication that they
    gave you. Please don't tell me that there isn't a name on the
    bottle. Even if there isn't, it will be SOMEWHERE, either on
    the plastic bag that the med came in or on your receipt.
    Anxiously waiting.