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Re: broken beak green cheek

Posted by Alice on 1/04/07
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    On 1/04/07, Octavia wrote:
    > I have a green cheek who's bottom beak is totally split in
    > half all the way down to wear it grows out. I fear if I
    > let the vet put him under and grind the beak down its just
    > going to grow back. I dont want to take him in every few
    > months and be put under.. Does anyone know will he be ok
    > if we just leave him the way he is? Will it grow back
    > together? I cannot get him to eat baby food... he is
    > eating a little zupreem.. some soft fruit and veggies i
    > give him..He cannot eat seed...I am worried.. should I
    > be???? HELP.. I love my Green cheek

    The beak may be able to be repaired. Some vets will use a
    glue or dental product to repair the break and allow it to
    have the chance to grow back without the split. I can only
    say that your vet would have to determine whether or not this
    is possible in your bird's particular situation.
    It wold be worth exploring the possibility.
    If you choose not to do this, the pellet and veggie diet
    would be perfectly fine for your bird.
    Not having the beak looked at might allow for more
    complicated future problems.