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Re: Odd Behavior

Posted by Meg on 1/09/07
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    Today my sun conure is doing better. I locked up the cat for
    half the day.. and spent all my time with him. He is eating
    and drinking, chewing and playing. Still acting strange in
    some ways but I have noticed a difference. The cat came down
    later in the day and has been eyeing him but I keep a spray
    bottle of water at my side in case she does look. Orion.. my
    sun conure seems to be doing better now.. not hiding in his
    bed he just seems to be grooming a lot. Ive noticed him
    shaking some..(before the cat came down) I think he was just
    scared and now has calmed down. Thanks for responses that I
    have received from folks.. it really helped! Thank you!