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Re: Odd Behavior

Posted by becca on 1/11/07
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    On 1/08/07, Meg wrote:
    > I have a sun conure that became an addition to our family
    > in October. We have a cat and a dog as well. Today I heard
    > my sun conure squack and unusual one and I went running to
    > his cage to find my cat wacking at him on the other side
    > of the bars. I cuddled with him afterwards and he seemed
    > fine. A couple hours later my husband went to go spend
    > time with "him" and he wouldnt come out of his fuzzy bed.
    > Normally he would jump at the chance for attention but he
    > just laid in his bed. I took him for a shower and that
    > seemed to brighten his spirits but when I put him back in
    > his cage he ran back to bed and wont come out. I just
    > tried right now to give him a treat and he came out for a
    > moment.. but when he saw the cat he ran back into bed. Is
    > he just in shock?? I have also noticed him rubbing his
    > beak on everything that started earlier this morn.. I have
    > a cold do you think he caught it from me? Please help Im
    > worried but I dont live in a town with avian vets. Anyone
    > have any words of advice? I know its not lack of attention
    > because I do not work and I am with him majority of the
    > day.

    I'm glad he's doing better. I'm sure you were terrified. In
    my house, it's the birds who attack the cats!