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Re: Green Cheek

Posted by La La on 1/12/07
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    On 1/12/07, Eric wrote:
    > Hello:
    > I've been doing some research reguarding Green Cheek
    > Conures. I was wondering if a Green Cheek is a good choice
    > for my first Conure? I've got mixed feedback from
    > different sources. I also realize each bird will be
    > differnt. Thanks for your suggestions. Eric

    Depends on what you want out of a companion bird and your
    personal noise leverl preferance. Some people think
    parakeets are too loud - depends on the person. Green cheeks
    are not loud as sun conures but I would visit somewhere
    where you can hear different noise levels and see what you
    can live with. (pretend you just woke up and are cranky,
    that will tell you what you really can handle)

    Green cheeks get a BAD rap for the fact that people think
    they are nippy. They aren't - if you get them from a
    reputable breeder who raises them properly when they go
    through the testing phase (beaky - think like an infant who
    is teething) they will be taught how to behave.

    I have seen more people that have been unhappy from buying
    from some breeders because while they are handfed and
    handled during a two week period green cheeks become
    demanding during handfeeding and NEED that direction. If it
    isn't given properly you can end up with a nuerotic bird.

    The biggest "problem" with green cheeks is their beakyness
    while they wean, handled correctly the birds will learn not
    to beak on you but to play with toys instead. Any babies
    that leave me I help get the new owners information on how
    to deal with any potential problems and how to prevent them,
    much easier to prevent it than try to fix it. That is just
    my take on why you get the Jekyl and Hyde information about

    Any baby you buy should be fully weaned
    Come with a health guarentee (average is 2-3 days)
    Long term help
    Baby should be eating a quality diet (no all seed diets -
    fresh foods w/ pellets is good)
    And when you visit the babies should be alert, clear eyes
    and no wet/poopy butts
    *Ask about how the parents are cared for~!*