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Re: conure's

Posted by Kel on 1/19/07
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    On 1/19/07, toni wrote:
    > had my bird for five years now was told it was a male,
    > last week it layed it's first egg. do I need male in order
    > for this bird to lay and hatch it's eggs? yes I stupid but
    > someone said some animals can do this by them selves and
    > was it possible for this bird to do this. I said I did't
    > believe so but now I'm asking. Sorry I sound so dumb.

    Hi Toni,
    Yes a female can lay eggs without a male. However, it will
    not hatch because its not fertile. You definatley need a
    male for a fertile egg :) My female cockatiel layed 5-7
    eggs everytime I took her old eggs out (I kept 'em with her
    as long as possible so she wouldn't continue to keep laying
    so frequently, this was my vet's solution) She would sit on
    them as if they would hatch... but without a male around
    they won't.