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Re: conure's

Posted by Lala on 1/20/07
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    On 1/19/07, Kel wrote:
    > On 1/19/07, toni wrote:
    >> had my bird for five years now was told it was a male,
    >> last week it layed it's first egg. do I need male in order
    >> for this bird to lay and hatch it's eggs? yes I stupid but
    >> someone said some animals can do this by them selves and
    >> was it possible for this bird to do this. I said I did't
    >> believe so but now I'm asking. Sorry I sound so dumb.

    Just like people we need a male, or at least a "donation" to
    make a baby, just like our birdies do. :-) We get our
    monthlies regardless of if we WANT to become pregnant or not
    and so do they.

    Make sure she is getting enough calcuim and a quality diet.
    Allow her to sit so she doesn't try to keep replacing the eggs
    and deplete her calcuim....If you can keep an eye on the eggs
    sometimes new hens can break the eggs, in the event of a
    leaking broken egg either remove and fix or just toss, the
    bacteria just isn't worth the exposure for one egg....

    Tell your lady you love her and take good care of her~! ;-)