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Post: Black cap new owner info?

Posted by Kristy on 1/21/07

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    I am interested in getting a black cap, I have a 32x24
    cage with an open top that a lady from work (animal
    hospital) gave us. I like the temperment and character
    that conures have as we see quite a few. I simply am
    wanting info from other owners as to monthly "cost". As
    in, if I purchase Harrisons in a 5 lb bag with limited
    suplements, how long should the bag last? My doc, an avian
    cert vet, says abt 5 tbls a day but that seems like not
    much w/o suplements. Also toys, perches etc... how long do
    they generaly last with your babies? I am very excited,
    but still months away as I still have to locate a breeder
    that is not a "shop" Hard to find black caps here. Thank
    you all for your time!


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