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Re: jendays

Posted by Connie on 1/29/07
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    On 1/28/07, Cheri wrote:
    > On 1/27/07, Connie wrote:
    >> On 1/24/07, Cheri wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I am getting a jenday in about a week , I am in love with
    >>> it I go see it everyday as she is in the store I work
    >>> in... I dont know much about them... can you jenday people
    >>> share some stories with me please? I dont know if its a
    >>> male or female but whatever it is it loves me and I love
    >>> it.. I hear they are loud ,,,will they talk? I have a
    >>> quaker that talks his head off , will the jenday learn
    >>> from him? anyways any stories would be great.
    >>> Thank you
    >> Hi Cheri,
    >> I have a female Jenday that I have had since she was a
    >> baby. I also have a Blue Quaker that I have had since he was
    >> a baby. They will get along but I would not recommend
    >> putting them in the same cage ever. They should have a
    >> mutual playstand where they can be supervised until they get
    >> to know each other. Each of these birds must have their own
    >> cages as they are both territorial and like to have their
    >> own space at night.
    >> Jendays are chewers. If you have 1 minute hole in a shirt,
    >> the Jenday will find it instantly and make it huge, so wear
    >> old shirts with them. Jendays like wooden chewy toys while
    >> the Quakers prefer the bells.
    >> While the Quaker talks up a storm, Jendays can say a few
    >> words but not very many. They are very acrobatic and mine is
    >> potty trained. I could write a book but.... if you have any
    >> questions, feels free to ask.
    >> Connie
    > Thank you so much Connie , you have been very helpful..I
    > would love to hear about the book you could
    > write ,,,acrobatic? like what? rolling around ect,,, I do have
    > a separtate cage ready for my new baby and will get wooden
    > toys.. I want her to be as happy as she can be,,these birds
    > were brought in there were two of them in filthy...I mean
    > filthy cages with barely any toys and no wooden toys all
    > plastic..there origanal owner was a older woman whom fell ill
    > and passed Dec 2006. she left the birds to her kids but they
    > didnt want them so here they are.. I am very excited to bring
    > her home. thanks so much would love to hear more from you and
    > your bird stories (:
    Hiya Cheri!
    Before you let them play together or interact much, I would
    do a fecal exam on your Jenday, considering his previous owner's
    conditions. Find a vet that does birds and call them. I live in
    eastern NC and it only costed me $10 a fecal exam. That way
    you'll find out if the Jenday has any fecal problems (parasites,
    etc). Remember you have another bird and if your bird has any
    parasites and the other bird steps in it's feces, the other bird
    could get it. I don't want to scare you but it could happen,
    especially considering the last bird's circumstances. Why don't
    you visit my website and write me from there and take a look at
    my pets. You can contact me persoanally from there and we can
    exchange other personal info..
    Anytime, Connie