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Re: jendays

Posted by Connie on 1/29/07
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    On 1/29/07, Cheri wrote:
    > On 1/29/07, Connie wrote:
    >> On 1/28/07, Cheri wrote:
    >>> On 1/27/07, Connie wrote:
    >>>> On 1/24/07, Cheri wrote:
    >>>>> Hi,
    >>>>> I am getting a jenday in about a week , I am in love with
    >>>>> it I go see it everyday as she is in the store I work
    >>>>> in... I dont know much about them... can you jenday people
    >>>>> share some stories with me please? I dont know if its a
    >>>>> male or female but whatever it is it loves me and I love
    >>>>> it.. I hear they are loud ,,,will they talk? I have a
    >>>>> quaker that talks his head off , will the jenday learn
    >>>>> from him? anyways any stories would be great.
    >>>>> Thank you
    >>>> Hi Cheri,
    >>>> I have a female Jenday that I have had since she was a
    >>>> baby. I also have a Blue Quaker that I have had since he was
    >>>> a baby. They will get along but I would not recommend
    >>>> putting them in the same cage ever. They should have a
    >>>> mutual playstand where they can be supervised until they get
    >>>> to know each other. Each of these birds must have their own
    >>>> cages as they are both territorial and like to have their
    >>>> own space at night.
    >>>> Jendays are chewers. If you have 1 minute hole in a shirt,
    >>>> the Jenday will find it instantly and make it huge, so wear
    >>>> old shirts with them. Jendays like wooden chewy toys while
    >>>> the Quakers prefer the bells.
    >>>> While the Quaker talks up a storm, Jendays can say a few
    >>>> words but not very many. They are very acrobatic and mine is
    >>>> potty trained. I could write a book but.... if you have any
    >>>> questions, feels free to ask.
    >>>> Connie
    >>> Thank you so much Connie , you have been very helpful..I
    >>> would love to hear about the book you could
    >>> write ,,,acrobatic? like what? rolling around ect,,, I do have
    >>> a separtate cage ready for my new baby and will get wooden
    >>> toys.. I want her to be as happy as she can be,,these birds
    >>> were brought in there were two of them in filthy...I mean
    >>> filthy cages with barely any toys and no wooden toys all
    >>> plastic..there origanal owner was a older woman whom fell ill
    >>> and passed Dec 2006. she left the birds to her kids but they
    >>> didnt want them so here they are.. I am very excited to bring
    >>> her home. thanks so much would love to hear more from you and
    >>> your bird stories (:
    >> Hiya Cheri!
    >> Before you let them play together or interact much, I would
    >> do a fecal exam on your Jenday, considering his previous owner's
    >> conditions. Find a vet that does birds and call them. I live in
    >> eastern NC and it only costed me $10 a fecal exam. That way
    >> you'll find out if the Jenday has any fecal problems (parasites,
    >> etc). Remember you have another bird and if your bird has any
    >> parasites and the other bird steps in it's feces, the other bird
    >> could get it. I don't want to scare you but it could happen,
    >> especially considering the last bird's circumstances. Why don't
    >> you visit my website and write me from there and take a look at
    >> my pets. You can contact me persoanally from there and we can
    >> exchange other personal info..
    >> Anytime, Connie
    > Hi Connie for some reason I can not get your site to come up?
    > go ahead and email me (:

    Ok, I will..... Connie