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Re: conure's on shoulders?

Posted by LM on 1/25/07
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    Thank you Cindi,

    I am spending a lot of time with little Lucy so that we can understand each other
    and devolope a strong relationship. Today I would put her on my shoulder as well
    as my lap and forearm. Since Lucy enterd our lives I have made her the priority and
    I am smitten. We even had an afternoon nap in bed together. I will continue to play
    and observe her to try and make her her the happiest little creature on the planet. I
    do have a few other questions that I will post one being...why does Lucy hate
    getting wet? What does pecking mean? and Beak scraping on fabric?


    On 1/25/07, Cindi wrote:
    > On 1/24/07, LM wrote:
    >> Hi there, We have just got a maroon bellied conure from a
    >> guy that was allergic to her and had to give her up. Before
    >> that she was witha guy that gave her up because he was
    >> moving to hong kong. Her name is Lucy she is less than 2
    >> years old. In her previous home she was used to being home
    >> alone all day and then would sit on her caregivers shoulder
    >> when he got home till he went to bed. It keeps coming up
    >> when I research birds that they should not shoulder sit
    >> because they feel that they are the dominant one. I don't
    >> want to "dominate" a little sweet bird like Lucy but I took
    >> today to try to teach her that shoulder sitting is not
    >> welcome. She was pretty responsive but really defiant at
    >> times as well. Do I go cold turkey with this or slowly. I
    >> have only been with her less than a week and want her to be
    >> comfortable in her new home but also want to work on some
    >> of her not so great habits.
    > Shoulder sitting is a controversial subject in the bird world.
    > For some birds that are "dominant" as you say, it can be an
    > issue. These type of birds might try to control the
    > situation by giving you an unsuspecting bite to the ear or
    > face.
    > On the other hand, there are birds that can ride around on a
    > shoulder forever and a day and not show any signs of wanting
    > to be "dominant" at all. They know who buys the bird seed
    > and are simply affectionate birds that want nothing more than
    > to be with you.
    > Use your better judgment with your new bird and see what type
    > you might have after observing her behavior.
    > She's been passed around quite a bit and might not be secure
    > with you and her new home as you've only had her for less
    > than a week.
    > While you've read that she might not have this not so great
    > habit, it may not be a problem for her or you.
    > Good luck with her and I hope this is her final home!