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Re: conure's on shoulders?

Posted by Mercedez on 1/31/07
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    Sometimes its hard to tell birds what to do. They just like
    being on our shoulder's closer to their mates.. your head.
    lol. but if being on your shoulder is really a problem take
    her off and have her on your arm. But being on our shoulders
    or laps is just mor ecomfortable for them. If she keeps
    trying to go up to your shoulder then dont let her, if you
    dont want to. I allow any of our birds on our shoulder. But
    be more wary with the more larger parrots being on our
    shoulders than th ebirds from finch size to conure size.
    Just give her some time. You;ve only have her for a week
    now, so just have LOTS of patience. It will take a while for
    her to get use to you, and probably take you a while longer
    for you to get used to her.
    aka KittyJ