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Re: why does Lucy hate getting wet?

Posted by Cindi on 1/25/07
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    On 1/25/07, LM wrote:
    > Hi all
    > Little Lcy the maroon bellied conure hates getting and
    > never takes a bath. This is her 3rd home and the person we
    > got her from never bathed her and she never goes in her
    > bird bath. I put some drops of water on her and she just
    > stood there looking like she was frozen in time. It's like
    > she doesn't know how to bathe. She is a single bird and
    > nevr lived with other birds before. I take her into the
    > bathroom when I bathe or shower but she still hasn't
    > ccaught on. I thought all birds love bathtime?
    > LM

    It may take time for Lucy to try bathing, but it's a rare
    conure that doesn't like to bathe.
    Make sure the bowl is shallow enough for her to feel
    comfortable to enter it.
    You could also try putting a small piece of fruit in there to
    spark interest.
    Spraying her with a fine mist over top of her will often
    times encourage bathing tendancies.
    Be patient, she's new and confused at this point.