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Re: jenday

Posted by cheri on 2/04/07
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    On 2/03/07, todd winbigler wrote:
    > i got a jenday parrot from my wife boss they said ti was
    > hand raised i have my dought my problem is it sits in it
    > cage a screems it wont let me pick him up or get on me at
    > time when i stick my hand in its cage he bites is there
    > some way to get him to calm down alittle bit hes a real
    > pretty bird he wont come out of his cage even if i open
    > the door and go sit down.

    Well I brought the new Jenday home this week after spending
    alot of time with her.. I bring her home and she falls
    inlove with my other half... she fallows him everywere and
    screams if he does not hold her when she is out of cage...
    she is just a sweetie wants to be with both of us and on
    someones shoulder .. she is quite the little gymnist as
    well... she is doing good.. I think its the first time she
    has ever had fresh fruit and veggies and cooked food.. she
    likes her apple , mango and loved the oatmeal cookie he was
    eating.. lol .. I have offered her mixed veggies . cooked
    egg ect.. but it may take her a while.. she is not into her
    toys at all unlike my quaker who loves his toys... I hear
    thats kinda weird for a jenday?
    As far as your Bird I think with anybird they just need to
    build trust in you... just take time to talk to it feed it
    some favorite things and just be took me a year
    to get my Quaker to come around..he came from a abusing
    situation locked in his cage covered and in a basement.. he
    plucked as a result and hated people.. he is now just a
    sweetie only to me at this time but its way better than he
    used to be... I love him Hang in there!

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