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Re: jenday

Posted by Connie on 2/04/07
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    On 2/03/07, todd winbigler wrote:
    > i got a jenday parrot from my wife boss they said ti was
    > hand raised i have my dought my problem is it sits in it
    > cage a screems it wont let me pick him up or get on me at
    > time when i stick my hand in its cage he bites is there
    > some way to get him to calm down alittle bit hes a real
    > pretty bird he wont come out of his cage even if i open
    > the door and go sit down.

    Hi... I'm connie and I know quite a bit about Jendays, since
    I have a 3 year old pet Jenday and breed them. It sounds to
    me like your Jenday never got the attention it needed from
    the prior owner. Usually Jendays are lovable and tend to
    cater to the one who gives it the most attention. Spend some
    time each day talking to the Jenday and hold him in the
    dominant position to show him who's boss and with time and
    effort, it'll come around for you. Here's what you do to
    show dominance.... take your left hand and use your pointer
    and middle finger and slip it around his neck (scissor like
    position) and turn him over on his back. This scissor like
    position is good because it allows him to move his head
    without hurting him and biting you. Once he's on his back,
    take your right hand and close his beak and tell him
    sternly, "No Bite!" Do it several times. Then put him
    immediately back in his cage and leave him alone for awhile.
    Then, next time, talk to him some more with him in the cage
    and let him get used to you. Good luck.... Connie

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