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Re: ROLE CALL for conures

Posted by kristi8 on 3/03/07
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    On 2/13/07, electra wrote:
    > For the sake of an interesting chat here for a
    > change....................What conures does everyone
    > keep?? I'll go first.....
    > a sun
    > a peach front
    > a nanday
    > and a blue crown
    > also a peach face lovie and an evil blue IRN:)who both
    > make loud screaming honaray conure noises so they get
    > listed too...........and U keep who????
    I am owned by a jenday, 2 green-cheek conures, an umbrella
    cockatoo, a pied cockatiel and my newest a white faced tiel.
    These are my inside pets. I also have 8 more tiels and 2
    more green-cheeked conures which i just purchased for
    breeders. I've bred tiels for the last year or so. Also
    besides my feathered friends i have 6 pit bulls, 2 pit-cur
    cross, a louisiana cur, then i have a rabbit, 2 turtles, and
    a chinchilla, and on top of all that my 3 kids (lol)