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Re: ROLE CALL for conures

Posted by Debbie on 3/21/07
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    The male was hand tamed when I got the pair....he has the cutest
    little soft voice when he talks kinda like a small child but the
    female was a jealous witch :0) good for breeding I hope and we are
    all waiting to see.
    I think they make good pets for the time I had them here in the
    house and then outside and from the different types of birds that
    I have had. The male loved to be handled and was a very sweet bird
    I really dont think the female was handled too much if any. If you
    dont mind the noise of conures the Alex's are bad noise wise but
    my female was like an alarm when anybody went outback so to keep
    the neighbors from complaining about the birds when we moved here
    I moved some of my louder birds to a breeder friends house and
    sold some others. I went to the breeders house one day and was
    talking to the male.... he said some words and made a kiss noise
    which my friend hadnt heard him do that before.
    It was so cute cause he remembered me.
    I have about 60 birds....12 pets are here in the house but arent
    too loud (my husband sleeps days too so I have to keep the peace
    as much as possible anyway I can :0)
    I have 2 congos a timneh grey, a rosella, 2 max pionus, a male
    canary, 2 adopted amazons and my green cheek pair I am selling
    because they are just too loud with constant noise no matter where
    I put them inside or outside or what I have tried to do :0( Just
    normal conure noise but still its too much for here and it sets
    the other birds off too.
    Anyhow hope this helps some of what you wanted to know if not just
    let me know.
    Take care,

    On 3/21/07, Valerie wrote:
    > On 2/15/07, Debbie wrote:
    >> Love the change of chat to birds we all have!! Thanks.
    >> I have a pair of green cheeks named M&M and Skittles and a
    >> Dusky pair named Lucky and Angel as well. Duskies eggs are
    >> fertile and due to hatch this week hopefully.
    >> We also have some other birds.....2 congos, 3 timnehs, 2
    >> amazons,1 canary, 12 cockatiels, 10 english parakeets, 2
    >> Alexandrine parakeets, 2 Princess of wales, 4 senegals, 7
    >> diamond doves, 1 max. pionus and 1 crimson rosella.
    >> I think I got everybirdie on there. :0)
    >> Debbie
    >> On 2/15/07, Connie wrote:
    >>> On 2/13/07, electra wrote:
    >>>> For the sake of an interesting chat here for a
    >>>> change....................What conures does everyone
    >>>> keep?? I'll go first.....
    >>>> a sun
    >>>> a peach front
    >>>> a nanday
    >>>> and a blue crown
    >>>> also a peach face lovie and an evil blue IRN:)who both
    >>>> make loud screaming honaray conure noises so they get
    >>>> listed too...........and U keep who????
    >>> I have an aviary, so I breed mostly Conures and Quakers. I
    >>> also have some Lovebirds and some Bourkes that I breed but
    >>> mainly I'm a Conure and Quaker nut.. As for my pets, I have
    >>> a Jendaya Conure, a Blue Quaker, A White-Faced Gray
    >>> Cockatiel, a Mustached Parakeet and a Goffin's Cockatoo. I
    >>> sold my Sun Conures and my Nandays, so they're gone but
    >>> missed. I have another pair of breeding Jendayas coming in
    >>> next week and I'm thinking of getting some Golden Conures
    >>> (Queen Of Bavarias). I'm Connie. It's nice to meet you.
    > Debbie,
    > Could you please tell me if your Alexandrines are pets? If so
    > can you give me your opinion on them as pets?
    > I am waiting on a yellowsided green chek, & a blackcapped conure.