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Re: ROLE CALL for conures

Posted by Jack Riddell on 4/05/07
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    On 2/13/07, electra wrote:
    > For the sake of an interesting chat here for a
    > change....................What conures does everyone
    > keep?? I'll go first.....
    > a sun
    > a peach front
    > a nanday
    > and a blue crown
    > also a peach face lovie and an evil blue IRN:)who both
    > make loud screaming honaray conure noises so they get
    > listed too...........and U keep who????

    I have a young Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure. Miki is an
    endless bundle of high energy who is decked out with just
    about every color in the rainbow. Loves to sleep in his
    "tent," crawl up sleeves, jump in anything that contains
    water, flip on his back and dare you to scratch his belly, and
    generally play the circus clown. He says "Give us a kiss" and
    follows it up with the kiss sound. I also have a Congo Gray
    (Maria - the talking machine) and a rescued cockatiel.