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Re: ROLE CALL for conures

Posted by electra on 5/22/07
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    welcome to the boards:) I understand that the red bellies are
    a sub-coloration of the senegal. Yes they are very kewl. I
    have a nanday, a blue crown, a peach front, IRN, goffin too,
    and a B&G macaw as of tomarrow. I get my baby B&G tomarrow
    and Paul from here sent me the goffin. :)

    On 5/21/07, April wrote:
    > Hi, I'm new to the message boards. I have 2 sun conures and
    > 1 senegal. All pets. I saw a red bellied parrot for the
    > first time about a month ago and really loved it. If and
    > when I get a larger house I would love to get one. April
    > On 2/13/07, electra wrote:
    >> For the sake of an interesting chat here for a
    >> change....................What conures does everyone
    >> keep?? I'll go first.....
    >> a sun
    >> a peach front
    >> a nanday
    >> and a blue crown
    >> also a peach face lovie and an evil blue IRN:)who both
    >> make loud screaming honaray conure noises so they get
    >> listed too...........and U keep who????