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Re: My conure will not come on my finger

Posted by audrey on 2/23/07
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    On 2/23/07, Connie wrote:
    > On 2/22/07, Tara wrote:
    >> When it is time for Ozzie to play the only way I can get
    >> him to get away from his cage is to bend down and allow
    > him
    >> to step up onto my shoulder. I would say 1 out of 50
    > times
    >> he will come "up" on my finger. When I first got him he
    >> had no problem doing this. It is very frustrating. He
    >> just runs across the top of his cage till I give him my
    >> shoulder. Thanks to whoever can help.
    > Hi Tara,
    > When you got him, he knew how to "step up" and now he
    > won't. I have heard that some birds will use your shoulder
    > as an "equal" in dominance. I've never had this problem. all
    > of my birds step up when approached. I really believe that
    > your problem is that you let him control you by jumping up
    > on your shoulder and he's become accustomed to that. If I
    > were you, I'd offer him my finger to "step up" and say the
    > words; that's very important. If he didn't, I'd leave him in
    > the cage to show him that you won't accept this. Then take
    > him out later and keep him off your shoulder, you can just
    > hold him to your chest to show him that you still love him
    > and then, put him back in the cage. Next time you go get
    > him out of the cage, offer him your finger and say "step up"
    > and if he doesn't, put him back or leave him there in the
    > cage and do the same thing all over again. He is just
    > spoiled to your shoulder and with time, you can fix this. Be
    > loving but stern and it'll take him alittle time to see that
    > he has to step up on your finger. You're letting him get the
    > best of you. Lots of luck and God bless... Connie

    I've been told that when you tell a bird to "step up" you
    should follow thru by making the bird step up. Saying it, then
    walking away is a form of letting the bird be in control too.