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Re: There should be Conure meetings

Posted by Connie on 2/25/07
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    On 2/24/07, MickyLee wrote:
    > On 2/24/07, Cybell wrote:
    >> There are meeting for Macaws, African Greys, Amazons,
    >> Cockatoos but not for Conures, I think there should
    >> be....anyone else agree?
    > I think we should RALLY!!! We need to petition the masses.
    > Hand out pamphlets..obtain and listen to the true innermost
    > feelings that people have. We should demand our say in the
    > court of higher rulings. We should have a sitdown
    > demonstration in the streets. Let us all gather in deep
    > prayer concerning the plight of the long lost forgotten
    > CONURE!!!!!We must demand our rightful place in the WORLD OF
    > WINGS. We can't be discriminated against. If that happens
    > then WE WILL RISE UP and demand what is rightfully ours.

    Kudos to you, MickyLee!!