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Re: conures

Posted by Connie on 3/02/07
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    On 3/01/07, kristi wrote:
    > just wondering what the difference between a green-cheeked
    > conure and a maroon-bellied conure is they seem to be so
    > simular in looks

    There are 2 for sure ways to tell them apart. First, is the
    top of the head: in green cheeks, it's a dark grayish or
    blackish, while in maroon bellies, it's green. Second is the
    tail. Green cheeks have an all maroon tail, above and below.
    Maroon bellies have green on the tops of their tails and
    maroon below.
    Occasionally, you may run into a hybrid between a green
    cheek and a maroon belly. these may have traits of both
    species and if you find a particular bird that seems hard to
    distinquish absolutely from either a green cheek or a maroon
    belly, it may be a hybrid. Hope this helps.... :-) Connie