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Posted by Connie on 3/02/07
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    On 3/02/07, kristi wrote:
    > I picked up a cockatiel today from a previous owner and
    > she was fine when i was at there house and even on the way
    > home but when i put her back in her cage which was the
    > same one the previous owner had her in she is freakin out,
    > i have never seen anything like it and i have 9 other
    > cockatiels. She is on the bottem of the cage rollin from
    > side to side and chirping non stop. Please help?

    First of all, why did you take her out of the cage to take
    her home? Was the cage too big or what? No offense intended.
    I'm sure that she's stressed from the move. Alot of birds
    get used to where they are positioned and don't want to be
    move and will raise cain if done so.. others it won't
    bother. She's probably stressed out from the move and where
    you put her. Also, were there alot of other cocatiels where
    she was before, like you have now? Give us alittle more info
    to help you. I'm pretty sure she's stressed out and upset.
    Hold her alittle and let her get more used to you and maybe
    even keep her cage isolated from all of the other birds and
    introduce them slowly to each other. I would try moving her
    out of the bird room first and then when I did put her in
    there, try and keep her at the same height as where she was
    before. You should relax too. She can feel you being upset.

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