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Posted by KRISTI on 3/02/07
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    On 3/02/07, Connie wrote:
    > On 3/02/07, kristi wrote:
    >> I picked up a cockatiel today from a previous owner and
    >> she was fine when i was at there house and even on the way
    >> home but when i put her back in her cage which was the
    >> same one the previous owner had her in she is freakin out,
    >> i have never seen anything like it and i have 9 other
    >> cockatiels. She is on the bottem of the cage rollin from
    >> side to side and chirping non stop. Please help?
    > First of all, why did you take her out of the cage to take
    > her home? Was the cage too big or what? No offense intended.
    > I'm sure that she's stressed from the move. Alot of birds
    > get used to where they are positioned and don't want to be
    > move and will raise cain if done so.. others it won't
    > bother. She's probably stressed out from the move and where
    > you put her. Also, were there alot of other cocatiels where
    > she was before, like you have now? Give us alittle more info
    > to help you. I'm pretty sure she's stressed out and upset.
    > Hold her alittle and let her get more used to you and maybe
    > even keep her cage isolated from all of the other birds and
    > introduce them slowly to each other. I would try moving her
    > out of the bird room first and then when I did put her in
    > there, try and keep her at the same height as where she was
    > before. You should relax too. She can feel you being upset.
    > Connie

    I had to put her in a travel carrier because the cage wouldn't
    fit in the car. I have her in my bedroom byherself in her
    cage, she has never been around other birds so i was going to
    let her adjust to me first before i ever introduced her to my
    other tiels. Actually i think she has worn herself out she is
    finally still and more relaxed but still on the bottemof the
    cage w/ her head down. I'm not sure but i put a few toys in
    her cage because she didn't have any, maybe they scared her,
    so i took them out. Getting better i guess. Thanks for ur

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