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Re: Is this strange

Posted by Dumbfounded on 3/07/07
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    On 3/05/07, kristi wrote:
    > On 3/05/07, Mikey wrote:
    >> On 3/05/07, kristi wrote:
    >>> I have a 3 yr old umbrella cockatoo, his cage is in my
    >>> bird room and i have a jenday conure and a quaker that
    >>> alway play on the playgym that is on top of my too's cage.
    >>> I heard chirpin and when i looked over my conure was on
    >>> the side of the cage and he and my male too were feeding
    >>> each other. Now i notice they do it all the time. It's
    >>> awful funny to watch, but is it ok?
    >> It's okay. Understand that after a while when different
    >> types of parrots are together and after doing a lot of
    >> parrot talking to each other, the some lucky parrots find
    >> out that they're gay. It's a happy time when one gay bird
    >> finds another gay bird. Usually, when there's a gay bird in
    >> the house, the others aren't usually gay. Right now ,
    >> they're feeding and mouthing each other to find out who will
    >> act out the part of the male and who'll be the female or
    >> whether each can take turns while roll playing.
    > Your kidding right? What I meant was is it going to hurt
    > anything to let them continue, I dont' think they can hurt
    > each other through the cage. Sorry I don't believe birds can
    > be gay, although i may be wrong, I really thought it was just
    > animal instinct.

    GAY bird? Hello? Most likely one of these "males" is NOT male.
    People don't usually have dna sexing done on their companion birds
    and I've heard many bird owners refer to their birds as "him" or
    "her" without any evidence of same.