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Re: Is this strange

Posted by KittyJ on 3/14/07
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    On 3/07/07, Dumbfounded wrote:
    > On 3/05/07, kristi wrote:
    >> On 3/05/07, Mikey wrote:
    >>> On 3/05/07, kristi wrote:
    >>>> I have a 3 yr old umbrella cockatoo, his cage is in my
    >>>> bird room and i have a jenday conure and a quaker that
    >>>> alway play on the playgym that is on top of my too's cage.
    >>>> I heard chirpin and when i looked over my conure was on
    >>>> the side of the cage and he and my male too were feeding
    >>>> each other. Now i notice they do it all the time. It's
    >>>> awful funny to watch, but is it ok?
    >>> It's okay. Understand that after a while when different
    >>> types of parrots are together and after doing a lot of
    >>> parrot talking to each other, the some lucky parrots find
    >>> out that they're gay. It's a happy time when one gay bird
    >>> finds another gay bird. Usually, when there's a gay bird in
    >>> the house, the others aren't usually gay. Right now ,
    >>> they're feeding and mouthing each other to find out who will
    >>> act out the part of the male and who'll be the female or
    >>> whether each can take turns while roll playing.
    >> Your kidding right? What I meant was is it going to hurt
    >> anything to let them continue, I dont' think they can hurt
    >> each other through the cage. Sorry I don't believe birds can
    >> be gay, although i may be wrong, I really thought it was just
    >> animal instinct.
    > GAY bird? Hello? Most likely one of these "males" is NOT male.
    > People don't usually have dna sexing done on their companion
    > and I've heard many bird owners refer to their birds as "him" or
    > "her" without any evidence of same.

    And many times what us humans think is male behavior, in the bird
    world, and for a certain specie of bird or animal thats actually
    female behavior.. I dont like the term Gay for a bird, as its