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Re: Sun Conure for Adoption

Posted by Oscar Budhram on 3/14/07
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    I would be more than happy to adopt if you are will to
    provide the following. Shipping to Queens NY 11419, that the
    sun conure is tagged and has a birth certificate any evidence
    or proof of purchase.
    I have a Africa grey (Timneh), a Sun Conure and a Quaker, all
    gifts as presents for my 11 years old daughter.
    If you are interested please let me know via Email or a phone
    number you can be reached at.And we can work out payment

    Thank you
    Parrot fan

    On 3/07/07, Ulster County NY wrote:
    > 100 miles from NYC, Exit 20 NY State Thruway: 5 year old
    > male (probably) Sun Conure for adoption (fee of $100) with
    > cage, toys, etc. This is NOT a "problem" bird; he is in
    > full feather, totally non-aggressive, talks and, for a Sun,
    > doesn't scream all that much. I require prospective adopter
    > to have a SOLID veterinary reference, lots of experience
    > with Conures and suffer my intense scrutiny as I try to find
    > this wonderful bird a LIFETIME HOME. Email ONLY PLEASE:
    > Thank you.