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Re: dusky conure

Posted by Debbie on 3/19/07
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    Yep I have to agree with JT, they are loud and most conures
    are even the green cheeks but people say they arent as noisy
    but my GC pair is loud too. I have tried everything to keep
    them for the last 2 years but they are just driving me crazy
    so I have placed a few ads to sell them.
    The conures are fun little clowns and have good personalities
    most of the time.
    I do have a pair of the Dusky conures at another breeders
    house because they are just too loud for my neighborhood here.
    I am handraising one of their babies now.
    I have cockatiels, english parakeets, diamond doves,
    senegals, TAGS and POWs all outside but the conures topped em
    all in sound.
    I have sensitive ears so that sure doesnt help :0(
    Good luck in whatever you decide to do but my advise is to try
    to go around some conures before you buy them just to make
    sure on how loud they can get.

    On 3/19/07, JT wrote:
    > yup duskies are very LOUD (artinga always are) but very
    > lovable.
    > On 3/19/07, Christy wrote:
    >> Hello, need some advice on dusky conures, are they loud? I
    >> am wanting a breeding pair. Does anyone know the
    >> personality? Thanks