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Re: Teaching Sun to Talk NOT Squak!

Posted by Dave on 4/12/07
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    On 4/12/07, cinda wrote:
    > Would like any advice-products to purchase to
    > teache "Sammy" to talk" He is 1 1/2 years old and late at
    > night i really think he tries! Also to stop the squaking,
    > he makes my daughter and husband crazy!!!
    > any suggestions would be helpful!

    The most important part of your post which is squawking is
    very hard if not impossible to stop. Sun conures naturally
    squawk frequently and it's usually very high pitched and
    sometimes loud and to some people, unbearable. That's their
    nature. Many people have asked how to curb that problem and
    because there is no 'cure' many people lose patience and
    become frustrated and either trade or give them away. Other
    conures are also loud but the sun is the king of squawking.
    Training your conure to talk is also hard to do because suns
    aren't known for their talking ability. They make lots of
    other different sounds but talking isn't one of them----Dave