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Re: How to find the gender of a green cheeked conure

Posted by Connie on 4/18/07
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    On 4/17/07, jen wrote:
    > DNA test; the only way to know for sure... well unless she
    > lays an egg.

    jen's right. If the bird is older, you can feel between the
    pelvis bone very gently as it is easy to break. If there's egg
    passing space, then odds are its a female. If the pevis bones
    are right next to each other with no opening between them,
    odds are its a male. Another way to tell is by the way they
    stand. When perching, the female's legs will be spread apart
    more than a male. Remember that these are only on older birds.
    DNA testing is always the best way and it's not expensive.
    Later... Connie