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Re: Regurgitating Sun Conure

Posted by Connie on 5/01/07
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    Lora's right. When birds breed, the male will chew the food
    and regurgitate it and feed it to the female. It's his way of
    providing for her, loving her and doing his part. Since he
    loves you, he wants to feed you and provide for you,
    especially this time of year. I would tell him no too and not
    worry about it. He'll stop eventually, especially when mating
    season is over. Just consider it like poopie. You just wipe it
    off and go on. Lots of luck.... Connie

    On 4/30/07, Lora wrote:
    > Its perfect normal, he loves you, birds that are bonded or
    > mated feed each other its LOVE! I tell my cockatoo no I am
    > not hungry to discourage it. Its so spring! Hormones are
    > high.
    > Lora