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Re: Regurgitating Sun Conure

Posted by Teresa on 5/18/07
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    The Vet said my bird is very sick with a Bacterial and Viral dease
    which is deadly and highly contagious. All my birds are infected
    now and I have 20. They have to have medicines from the vet to get
    over this, so I won't lose my whole flock. They are quarantined
    with no birds out and no birds in until her gives them a clean bill
    of health. This is very expensive, but necessary to keep them
    alive. My advice to you is to get medical help now.


    On 5/13/07, Teresa wrote:
    > I have a Patagonian Conure who is doing the same thing. This has
    > been going on for three weeks. She has started to lose weight and
    > I can't get her to stop. I have even tried to find her a mate and
    > can't find one. Everyone has told me that it is breeding season
    > and she is doing this for attention. I can't get her to stop. I
    > am offering her pellets, seed mix, fresh and dried fruits and
    > veggies, macroni and dry cereal. What else can we do to stop this
    > behavior? The vet saids it is behavioral and I need to stop her.
    > He didn't tell me how.
    > Teresa
    > On 5/01/07, Connie wrote:
    >> Lora's right. When birds breed, the male will chew the food
    >> and regurgitate it and feed it to the female. It's his way of
    >> providing for her, loving her and doing his part. Since he
    >> loves you, he wants to feed you and provide for you,
    >> especially this time of year. I would tell him no too and not
    >> worry about it. He'll stop eventually, especially when mating
    >> season is over. Just consider it like poopie. You just wipe it
    >> off and go on. Lots of luck.... Connie
    >> On 4/30/07, Lora wrote:
    >>> Its perfect normal, he loves you, birds that are bonded or
    >>> mated feed each other its LOVE! I tell my cockatoo no I am
    >>> not hungry to discourage it. Its so spring! Hormones are
    >>> high.
    >>> Lora