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Re: Regurgitating Sun Conure

Posted by Glynis on 8/02/07
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    I just recently purchased a Dusky conure. He is only 3 months old,
    and recently he has had a bit of a cold. Sneezing, weezing,nasal
    discharge and a little bit of runny droppings. I took him to the vet
    and we got some antibiotics for him. We also switched his food to an
    all organic. This past week, i have noticed him regurgitating. He
    doesn't let it out of his mouth however, he just swallows it again.
    This only seems to happen when he is being held by me or my boyfriend,
    and when he seems to be excited. Is this normal behaviour or should i
    be worried?
    Thanks and sorry to hear about your birds Theresa, hope they are


    On 5/18/07, Debbie wrote:
    > I'm so sorry to hear about your conure and the other birds. I had
    > read that there was a difference between regurgitating and vomiting,
    > and it sounds like your bird must have been vomiting. I guess it's
    > always good advice to get medical help. My conure hasn't been
    > any weight, though - When he reguritates on me, he usually eats most
    > of it back up. It's quite yuckky, but it is consistent with all of
    > his other behavior showing that he loves me. He is very jealous if
    > pay a lot of attention to other members of our family, especially my
    > husband. Based on what Lora and Connie had said, when he starts the
    > head bobbing in anticipation of regurgitating, I tell him "no food"
    > or "I don't want any food." He usually stops when I say that -
    > although he often starts again a minute or two later unless I put
    > down. We'll keep watching him for any signs of illness and in the
    > meantime keep telling him not to give us food.
    > Best of luck, and thank you Teresa, Connie and Lora.
    > Debbie