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Re: breeder boxes

Posted by Connie on 5/01/07
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    First of all, there is no cage that is too big for a conure
    or any bird. They love space. If you are limited, that's
    another thing, huh? Most of us are, so join the club. I have
    my breeder conures in cages that are: 36" long, 24" tall and
    20" deep (front to back). That's just for 1 pair. I have
    more cages exactly the same size, putting 1 pair in each.
    That's all the room I have. Other people will tell you what
    they have and we will all probably have different sizes,
    depending on how much room we have. Make sure there is no
    zinc (shiny metal) in the wire. Galvanized is ok. I hope
    this helps.

    The nesting boxes should be about: 13" wide, 12" tall and
    18" deep (front to back) with a 13-14" slide to check the
    eggs and get the babies. The entrance hole should be 3" in
    diameter. If they want it any bigger, they will make it that
    way themselves. I can send you a photo if you want. Lots of
    luck, Connie

    On 4/30/07, April wrote:
    > What size breeder box should I get for my sun conures??