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Re: breeder boxes

Posted by April on 5/01/07
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    Thank you so much for your response. I'm not sure that I want
    to breed them. I'm not even sure if they are male and
    female. I'm sending out their blood for DNA sexing tomorrow.
    They are great "pets" and I know that if you breed them that
    they can become very attached to each other and then not want
    to be "pets" as much. But at least now I have the info I need
    if I want to. Thanks again!!!!

    On 5/01/07, Connie wrote:
    > First of all, there is no cage that is too big for a conure
    > or any bird. They love space. If you are limited, that's
    > another thing, huh? Most of us are, so join the club. I have
    > my breeder conures in cages that are: 36" long, 24" tall and
    > 20" deep (front to back). That's just for 1 pair. I have
    > more cages exactly the same size, putting 1 pair in each.
    > That's all the room I have. Other people will tell you what
    > they have and we will all probably have different sizes,
    > depending on how much room we have. Make sure there is no
    > zinc (shiny metal) in the wire. Galvanized is ok. I hope
    > this helps.
    > The nesting boxes should be about: 13" wide, 12" tall and
    > 18" deep (front to back) with a 13-14" slide to check the
    > eggs and get the babies. The entrance hole should be 3" in
    > diameter. If they want it any bigger, they will make it that
    > way themselves. I can send you a photo if you want. Lots of
    > luck, Connie
    > On 4/30/07, April wrote:
    >> What size breeder box should I get for my sun conures??