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Re: breeder boxes(to Connie)

Posted by April on 5/16/07
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    Well I found out that I named the conures the right names.
    Bastien is indeed a boy and Suri is a girl. I guess I knew them
    better than I thought. I still don't know if I want to breed or
    not. Oh I meant to tell you that Bastien and Suri are in the same
    cage. Bastien is bonded to me and Suri is bonded to Bastien. She
    will let me hold her but she would much rather be with her man.
    How do you post pictures?? I would love to show you a picture of
    them. April

    On 5/02/07, Connie wrote:
    > You're welcome, np. I know it all sounds overwhelming but it
    > really isn't. Of course you'll want to DNA them first to sex
    > them. Unless you spend alot, and I mean alot of time with the
    > birds; if you put them in the same cage, they'll bond to each
    > other and that can hurt. I keep all of my pets in separate cages
    > and then let them play once or twice a day (depending on how
    > much time I have) on a common playground, gym or birdtree. Not
    > all of them get along with each other and I have several stands,
    > but they all love me and most of them do get along... but when
    > it's time to go back in the cage, they go into their separate
    > homes. It keeps me bonded with each of them and they get to play
    > with each other too, on their time out. Let us know how things
    > go, April and we're here for you. Connie
    > On 5/01/07, April wrote:
    >> Thank you so much for your response. I'm not sure that I want
    >> to breed them. I'm not even sure if they are male and
    >> female. I'm sending out their blood for DNA sexing tomorrow.
    >> They are great "pets" and I know that if you breed them that
    >> they can become very attached to each other and then not want
    >> to be "pets" as much. But at least now I have the info I need
    >> if I want to. Thanks again!!!!
    >> On 5/01/07, Connie wrote:
    >>> First of all, there is no cage that is too big for a conure
    >>> or any bird. They love space. If you are limited, that's
    >>> another thing, huh? Most of us are, so join the club. I have
    >>> my breeder conures in cages that are: 36" long, 24" tall and
    >>> 20" deep (front to back). That's just for 1 pair. I have
    >>> more cages exactly the same size, putting 1 pair in each.
    >>> That's all the room I have. Other people will tell you what
    >>> they have and we will all probably have different sizes,
    >>> depending on how much room we have. Make sure there is no
    >>> zinc (shiny metal) in the wire. Galvanized is ok. I hope
    >>> this helps.
    >>> The nesting boxes should be about: 13" wide, 12" tall and
    >>> 18" deep (front to back) with a 13-14" slide to check the
    >>> eggs and get the babies. The entrance hole should be 3" in
    >>> diameter. If they want it any bigger, they will make it that
    >>> way themselves. I can send you a photo if you want. Lots of
    >>> luck, Connie
    >>> On 4/30/07, April wrote:
    >>>> What size breeder box should I get for my sun conures??