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Re: Janday

Posted by Connie on 5/09/07
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    Hi... It's Connie again... forgot to mention... I take
    computer paper and line my Jenday's cage in it and then I
    shred some more computer paper and put it in the bottom of her
    cage so she can play with it. She'll shread it to bits and it
    won't hurt her. It occupies her and gives her something to
    work on. She has yet to have an egg but since she has no mate
    and I don't want to breed her. (I have other breeding
    Jendays), if she does have an infertile egg, I would just let
    her play with it until she loses interest and then take it
    away. Hope this helps..... Connie

    On 5/08/07, Connie wrote:
    > Hi Eleonora, I have Jendays (Jendayas) too and know quite a
    > bit about them, Quakers and alot of other birds.
    > Depending on the condition of the home (him being alone all
    > day), if he's used to being alone at 2 years old. There are
    > alot of circumstances involved. On a general note, no...
    > they are happy to be the only one and will squalk when mommy
    > comes home to let you know they are aware of you being
    > there. They can play by themselves very well with chewy toys
    > to keep them occupied and with you to be with them and be
    > held and happy. They are one of the most cuddlesome conures
    > around. I love mine and am so happy I have Jendays. I
    > wouldn't listen to alot of gossip either from people who
    > don't really know. Go with your own instincts and don't
    > worry so much... Connie
    > On 5/08/07, Eleonora wrote:
    >> I have 2 years janday, he is the only bird in house.
    >> Recently I heard that it can suffer without a mate. Does
    >> anybody has an expirience with janday being alone? Is it a
    >> must to have a mate for the bird? P.S. My bird is offten
    >> busy with building nest, so... what are my options?