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Re: Jenday

Posted by Eleonora on 5/09/07
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    Hi Connie, thanks for advices! It is exactly what I am happy
    about my con. - he loves to cuddle, and he is happy when I am
    coming home. I am not familiar with birds, bought Mango for my
    11 years old daughter, and we couldn't believe how playful the
    bird could be! Well, he is alone in cage from 9am to 4pm
    generally, and flying free when anybody home. He once a week
    plucks feather, few times gave it to me. I thought - maybe he is
    missing mate?
    I have another question - what is the exact diet for the
    conures? Because my bird likes to eat more fruits, rice, peanuts
    and frantic for the human food; it eats less pellets and ignore
    vegetables. When I am checking in books what kind of food my
    conure takes - it seems OK, but I couldn't find the proportions,
    and some people keep only pellets diet.
    Should it be only pellets diet?
    Regards, Eleonora.

    > On 5/08/07, Connie wrote:
    >> Hi Eleonora, I have Jendays (Jendayas) too and know quite a
    >> bit about them, Quakers and alot of other birds.
    >> Depending on the condition of the home (him being alone all
    >> day), if he's used to being alone at 2 years old. There are
    >> alot of circumstances involved. On a general note, no...
    >> they are happy to be the only one and will squalk when mommy
    >> comes home to let you know they are aware of you being
    >> there. They can play by themselves very well with chewy toys
    >> to keep them occupied and with you to be with them and be
    >> held and happy. They are one of the most cuddlesome conures
    >> around. I love mine and am so happy I have Jendays. I
    >> wouldn't listen to alot of gossip either from people who
    >> don't really know. Go with your own instincts and don't
    >> worry so much... Connie