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Re: Mitred conure feather turning black--HELP!!!

Posted by Birdmom on 6/04/07
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    Not sure I agree with this. I have an extraordinary black cap
    and his feathers have done this. Vet said this is a
    nutritional or stress related problem. This is serious; not
    from handling. I have talked to the people at Kaytee who
    develop the extruded pellets. She was very helpful. Google
    images and you'll see what I mean, if we are talking about the
    same thing. Type in "stress bars".

    > Do you handle you bird alot? I have had a greencheek & gold
    > capped conures and both are very spoiled and handled alot. I
    > had the same thing happen and spent a couple hundred dollars
    > for a vet to do tests and then I found out that is caused
    > from the birds getting handled. I know how you might feel I
    > freaked out thinking they had got into something or ate
    > something they shouldn't have. But it turns out that they
    > are fine and just having lots of fun.